Monday, July 22, 2013

Simple Thing is The Sweetest

I have father who often goes work (if I can say that because he doesn't work at office like people usually do) from morn till nite. For a day, a week, or sometimes for a month. But I shud to be grateful he is always been my father, forever. Because no matter what, wherever he goes, he still keep asking,
"How's everything going?"
"Hanna pengumuman simak udah keluar?"
But I was not being accepted by the college, and asked him for any opinion to take another college. He just said,
"If u like it take it...the most important not UI or others but whenever u sit you do the best and enjoying ur study..might be u can try next year if u want to"
I was up and down, I was good and bad. But he still keep saying, "my smart daughter.."
You know what? It's because he's my father and I'm his girl:))

I have mother too. She always besides me. I still remember how worry she was and asked me to stop cryin. And now, she still besides me, brought me to take a test. It was really tiring day. We went at 10.00 am and arrived at 2.30pm.... Okay, we finally understood how's the feeling trapped in traffic jam. And, my wrong, I can't understand well GPS so we keep turn around the way, turn right, turn left, same place, go straight, turn left, same place. Puri Indah, Kembangan, Daan Mogot, 4hours successfully made my mom forgot that we still in same city, Jakarta.


Arrived at Location Test, almost not allowed to take a test because test is online and will be close at 3pm. But how can I do nothing when reach the place after 4.30 hours??? I and my mom dare to take a test.

Take a test

Worried with the question, those are type of question I don't understand well. But still, I dare myself to choose question.

Worried about timing.

Worried about scoring.

Counted my 'pass' answer.

Clicked 'Akhiri tes ini'.

The result came out.
Finally, bukan tulisan "Maaf" lagi tapi "Selamat" *thumpthump*
I passed.. *speechless* Still can't believe it. I just passed the test with answered the questions doubtfully in about 20minutes.


And now here I am, writing this post while telling my friends.
Thank God, and thank you so much for my parents who always stay beside me whatever I choose, whatever I get. This story not inspiring story, success person's story, or another good story. It's just a simple story for simple reason to love them.

Two Sides

Di dunia ini hanya ada dua hal. Yang aku tau dan yang aku tidak tau.
Seperti aku tau bahwa aku bukan siapa-siapa, tapi aku tidak tau bahwa untuk menjadi seseorang yang aku inginkan adalah salah. Seperti aku tau bahwa aku tidak selalu mendapat apa yang aku inginkan, tapi aku tidak tau tentang hukum bahwa bermimpi dan berusaha adalah dosa. Aku tau hidup itu memang susah, karena aku tidak tau hidup orang yang punya arus lancar.

Hidup itu sulit, tapi hidup adalah hidup. Hidup yang sulit diikhlaskan dan pada akhirnya aku tau cara mengesampingkan ego. Hidup yang sulit diterka dan pada akhirnya aku belajar menerima. Hidup yang sulit digapai dan pada akhirnya aku bangun lagi.

Aku tidak menyesal. Untuk waktu atau pun rencana yang kemarin lalu aku buat. Jika sekarang aku kalah, aku cuma bisa menerka dua kemungkinan. Aku belum pantas atau aku lebih pantas ditempatkan di tempat lain. Namun aku belum cukup dewasa untuk memahami keduanya. Saat ini aku hanya sanggup menerima satu dari keduanya: Turun ke bumi lagi sebelum menggapai bintang.

Ataukah aku salah melihat bintangnya?