Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thank God for Today

We busy playing with smartphone.
Don't know the sky turns orange from dawn.
We scroll timeline that we don't need to see.
Don't realize stars appears so shiny.
Head up and look up to the sky,
did we thank God for today?


That was really tiring day. Being as intern in Jakarta is not as easy as what I thought. About 2hours from home to work, multiple times equals 4hours. To be honest, at first I feel that I really wasted my life for 4hours on the way. I really shocked with the struggle and life in train.

But after one month being intern, I learned so many things. My 4-hours-in-train ain't really wasted. It was like I can learn new things everyday. Not just about design skill, branding, or any graphic design related things. But I learned so much more about life. How I change from the couch potato (or we can say "mager"-person) into grateful person (still learning though). How a little thing happens to be something to thank. How anything could I think about deeper than before.

And then, day by day I get more sensitive. I get teary eyes just because seeing mother with her tired child (well, you know how annoying them..) in crowded train at night. Or when I see old man/woman going alone with far destination.
Now, I know that "Jakarta itu Keras" or "Nyari uang itu susah" more than a saying. And I amazed with women who has tough personality. Women is really strong.

But from all of those (meaningful) days, the most thoughtful thing is: I learn that we have to be grateful. Because we'll be happier day by day as we always have something new to thank to God.

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