Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Should we celebrate Happiness Day?

A little encouragement from your lecturer, a simple joke from friends which telling you they care about you, had super comfy worn-out shoes as your companion these years, found out your favorite brush style, wake up in the morning without alarm, finally got a best spot in library, ... ...

Those are little things from little things of my happiness this week. Like how I told you in some posts that I'm kinda introvert person. And in my alone-mode I usually start to think deeper, or I could say wiser (at least I try to :p) I think about how mu future will be cause I still cannot list true dreams and write my vision. I think about how much older I grew and how many achievements I had until this age. I think about my friends and how funny (in a good way) to me about our topic in conversation already changed to next step. I think about how my parents, sisters, brother grew up and grew old. Most of times, think of these things bring me to this conclusion: happiness.

I started going to stress everytime I think about my future. Not because I'm not confidence with myself, but I just really can't draw my dreams, know what I want. But I thank to God for time He gave so I got time to think think and think, to tell myself not being such a rush and enjoy every little progress. Then I remember about everyone in my life. People are being so lovely and care so much about me without asking much from me. Sometimes I think what I gave to them for being such a good person. I never give anything precious. But they constantly showering me love. I can't do anything good for them so I hope my pray enough to pay them back. That's why I thank to God for any little things. I surrounded by good people, good things. What is the reason I could stress or being sad for a long time? What is the reason I ask more for things I can't treat well? What is the reason I want anyone else's life in my beautiful life? What is any reasons??

I just need to praise some little things and by that, I just can't stop to mention all good things. I am writing this post because I just found out about International Happiness Day. I don't really celebrate as a happy day in one day. Because we (absolutely) can be happy everyday. But sometimes we forget. We forget that happiness is one of human rights, as Jayme Illien said. We forget to take care ourselves. We forget actually we're sad because we don't think more about happiness moment. We're sad because we are unfair to ourselves. We don't try to swim but let ourselves drown at the bottom of pool. 

So today, rather than to celebrate with party or doing any other charity, I just want to do a little thing. Remind myself and all of you,
Let's remember again together that we already had things enough to say "Alhamdulillah".

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