Thursday, August 1, 2013

Here they are.

Anyyeong! Sawasdee (padahal masih gatau artinya)! Hello! Hai! *abis nonton Kick Andy tentang gadis 16thn bisa 12bahasa*
I may cannot expect what will happen, but I can fight for good thing. And I may cannot get whatever I want, but I still ask a wish to Him.
Jadi ceritanya gue udah ditolak UI hiks. Dan alhamdulillah udah ikhlas banget:))
But insya Allah I will never regret what I've done. What I choose, how many times I spent for study. Dan sekarang, I wanna show you gifts I made for Oca and Ardiny.
Why? Because they supported me to keep my spirit and faith to believe with God's plan, and of course still remind me way to forget bad thing: watch RM:'))

Amrina Rosyada yang juga kebetulan ulang tahun sweet seventeen tanggal 16juli kemarin.
She is my friend, my teacher, and my supporter. Who really gave me spirit when I'm down, told inspiring story when I'm hopeless, remind how to believe with God. So this is my present for her!

Then here she is. My best chairmate whom I told before. Niat ngeberesin lemari karena ceritanya mau jadi maba. Terus ngeliat barang-barang AHproject (jualan gue&ardiny) Oh.. It's been a year, mmm years. Hiks jadi sedih inget malem begadang hoho.. Then, I thought it's gonna be a good idea to make something for her by using our AHproject. Just to make her always remember AHproject and me hahaha I know it's kinda sweet isn't it? Too sweet I think, and I hope she really not think that I have feeling for her more than friend, like.. uh, u know?

 (but for some reason, cool cat nya gajadi dipasang hiks)

Okay I think I did something good to give them gifts, just as they know that their support is really made me:)
I hope wherever we are, we need something: spirit, so whenever we get down, we always can get up and keep moving on our path.
I still remember what you said,
"Jangan lupa doa, Han! Put Allah first before anything so you will never be the last." -Oca, 17th, Anak Tekling
"Yang penting usaha yang lo bisa biar lo gak nyesel nanti di akhirnya." -Ardiny, 18th, Anak Pariwisata
Jangan lupa cerita update drama dan RM-nya. Jeongmal hwaiting, chingu! Saranghae♥

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