Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Say What?

It said that I have person who really annoy me, so just leave it out. Think easy.
It is Personality Quiz.
It said that I can post any photo without worry if quality is good or not, because no matter what someone will do 'double tap' as long as I use hashtag.
It is Instagram.
It said that I don't live this life alone with never-ending love story which not leads to happy ending.
It is Tumblr.
It said that once I click one of buttons like unfollow, block, and else, will really make a big war in life.
It is Twitter.
It said that life is fun, laugh at people who get something bad.
It is 9gag.
It said that I can make a conversation just using emoticons because they just more expressive than a true face.
It is Line.
It said that I can ask anything to anyone I want.
It is ask.fm.
It said that I can be a good singer.
It is soundcloud.
It said that everyone is pretty, photogenic, and good photographer.
It is Photoshop.
It said that writing is fun, and sharing thought is more fun.
It is You, Blog.
Actually those things is useful. Very useful. Help us to encourage ourselves. But sociality makes those bad assumptions I told above.
But what worst?
We are in same side with sociality, agree with assumptions.

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