Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Independent Girl

Independent girl cannot wrong. She knows what best for her. She knows which one that she should choose. She loves herself. She loves her world. She loves everyone cause she proves hate is useless.

Independent girl cannot depressed. She passes her bad days and grows her hopes. She gives something to another cause with giving she never be poor. She gives her smile, her love, and her pray.
Independent girl never alone. She walks everywhere by herself cause she wants meet someone new. She travels the world cause she wants share anything to everyone.

Independent girl never bored. She thanks to God everyday. She plants flowers and feeds animals. She is happy if rain goes down so she cuddles with someone she loves and talks all night. She is glad if sun shines so bright so she rides bicycle with someone that she never forget and go picnic on green grass.

Independent girl is enough. She is not too much and she is not less. She is pretty with her way.

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