Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Me, myself, and I.

I'm an introvert. I like to being alone without feeling lonely. When I get tired at the end of the day, i will not going to anyone. What I do is taking care myself. Maybe going out or cuddling with pillows with no one. Sing a song out loud or draw random things with no one.
I'm not saying that I can live with no one else in this crazy world. But there are times that I just not wanting anyone else included.

Unfortunately, I have bad personality, which really 'match' with introvert. I'm a person who is not easy to miss someone (if 'hard' kinda harsh word haha). I have really high ego. I will not call you (well I don't like telephone) or text you, if I don't have any questions to ask for or really miss you. Because i'm straight-to-the-point person so I don't want to take time just for ask someone's condition. Yes, it's not good, it's bad.

And yeah, that's true that I easily forget someone. But when I forget someone, maybe because you're not that special for me right?

Well, actually I really know myself. But there are people who can't deal with that (or am I too bad to deal with...) Until now, I never really change myself. With high ego, I just hope they will understand me or if they can't, they will leave me. I don't mind. When you're special to me, I will make sure that I will not lose you anyway. In strange actions, or not-sweet words, everyone who understands me will know how I send my love to my specials.

too bad, instagram not letting me to post gif image:(

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