Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Friend in Need is Friend Indeed

I got many friends. But there just a few friends that I really share anything about. I will tell them everything like family, love thingy, passion, college, even random thought and unreal imagination. I don't meet them everytime, but when we got time together will be unforgetable. Don't expect something sweet between our friendship. People will look at us and tell how boring our days. We are normal people, really normal like have nothing special. We go to normal places and do ordinary things. But I never regret, because I enjoy our day.

They are who listen to me even when I tell the same story twice. They are who see me crying because it means I already let my guards down. They are who will not tell me I'm wrong even they already warned me before, but they will help to bring me up and solve the problem. They are who will stand beside me to having fun and trying to be better together. They are who may not really understand me but tried to. They are who give me space to be alone. They are who knows my little things or my habits when I don't even realize. They are who comforts me in bad day. They are them.

We don't call, message, or talk everyday like every besfriends do. But we have a lot things to talk when we meet each other. We don't say anything sweet each other even in birthday greetings, well actually I'm not that really care about birthday. Forget a birthday date is not means we are not bestfriends anymore. i mean, friendship is not about birthday date. True friend will always pray for you, not just in birthday greetings.

Yes, they just a few in many friends. I will not let them go, but I am not always stick to them and tell them to not friends with another. I try to be the best for them because I know that I am not easy to trust someone. So, if I trust you, be glad cause you may one in million that I really care about.

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