Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dreaming a Dream

They dream about something wonderful, something cool, something beautiful.
They strike forward the obstacles. They take the risks undoubt.
They believe with their dreams.

But I feel like i'm losing hope, cause I don't have any dream to hold. I keep going make something with my best, just to crash my rivals. My desire is to win, number one or nothing. I learn too many things, until I realize that I never really learn about what I want. I just want to know about everything but not focus on one thing. My intention break apart to many ways, then starts fading, and become so hazy. I just keep doing something without getting something. It feels like I'm running full speed with blind eyes. I'm tired to chase nothing. I want to catch the star, but I don't know which one is mine. And again, I feel like I don't know myself at all.

(Still, there are people hold me even when I never really appreciate them enough. I stand here want to be alone and lonely, being so selfish.)

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