Saturday, February 6, 2016


They say, we reached next step in our life. 
We're young to take responsibilities all at once. 
Besides, we're old enough to choose what we want and make a deal of it.

We actually fragile, yet we have curiosity and passion to being brave. 

Sometimes we're eager to take challenges, but sometimes we hesitate much to make decision.

People say that we're not kids anymore. And we may do things like the adult. 

The old think that our age is precious and the young say that they can't wait to be one of us.

As youth..

live with hesitations, spirits, tears, smiles
have courage, curiosity
crave for praises, success, true love

As youth, who's neither young or old. We passed hard times as we get more mature. 

We learned things as we get to know how to make priority in life.

As youth, who's got flame in heart and eager to take prestige. 

Take the risk to make it until the end.

But there are times

our curiosity cannot be fullfilled because our capability still not enough,
our courage is not enough to take big responsibilities.
Then we end up having big problem. 
But once we get through, that was just small problem we have to face it. 
So stay strong cause we're youth.

Smile if we still strong enough. Cry if we cannot hold tears. 

We may have many friends but all we need just some to count on. 
Because sometimes when we seek for answer, actually we just need shoulder. 
So control yourself cause we're youth.

We have dream to catch on. We do something that we're passionate about. 

Still, we can having fun when its time. 
And we let emotions burst out when we cannot handle it anymore. 

It's okay..

Because we're youth, too old to being said kids and too young to being said adult. 
So let's have a life.

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