Monday, December 18, 2017

Secret You Keep

There is one thing
A secret that you keep
Alone in your heart
Years by years
There is no one you told

A little thing, fade out fade in
Sometimes you forget
Sometimes you remember
Sometimes you think all time
Sometimes you don't care
Sometimes you can't get over it

But after all this time
Suddenly you wondering about the truth of secret
Because it just so bad and you cannot
(re)imagine that moment,
if it's really happen(ed)
And now you've been asking to yourself:

Is the secret you keep,
A real one or just an illusion of your fantasy?
is real or just a conclusion of your probabilities thought?

No matter it is
Real or just fantasy
There is one thing you should know
Forget or get it clear
Cause you never know,
the secret you keep
heart, in deep
could grow to be Hatred.

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