Wednesday, December 20, 2017

12 hours BDG - DPK

09.30 AM
I'm in train station, waiting for my train at 2pm. Such a looong wait I know and I’m alone. Most of people would be so lonely then playing with their bestfriend-technology. Using phone to scroll social media, listen to best playlist, watch latest download of movie or drama. But I'm too stingy-even to myself, just for using my mobile data and phone battery. So, I just keep taking sleep (long as I could) or watching people there.
10.00 AM
Sitting left beside me, a man. An old man, to be specific. A double couple actually. So there are two old men and two old women. Around 70, I guess?
An old man beside me looks so uneasy. I don't know what he says because he's using Chinese. He keeps searching something in his luggage trembling. After minutes, he want to put a trash. And her wife ordering him to say excuse to us–people he through by. I can see he walk little bit unsteadily.
His wife doing conversation with her friend. And two old men stay silent sitting beside their each wives. 
Their train is coming. And each one of them taking one luggage. Again, wife of old man ordering him how to bring the luggage well. I can see the old man cannot do well. The rolls are flipside. I wonder is wife really love the old man so she keeps ordering him to do everything because she believe he can do all by himself and make him to be independent? But I wish, she can lend a little help so his husband could walk in comfort, she can lay her hand in his waist so they can walk together.
Then again, I don't know if they're a real couple or not.
Sitting right beside me, a family. A woman, an old woman, and children at backside–most of them boys. The children keep talking each other, telling jokes. Her granny looks so annoyed and tell them to keep their mouths shut. To add, she threating to lock them in bathroom once. She tell them if they want to sleepover at hers, they must be good quiet boys. Funny thing is, when she asking their preference between her and their another granny (I think she just want to make sure they could be quiet), they don't pick her. I wonder are they really tell the truth or just making some joke to their granny? But could the old women say good things or pick good words to tell them quiet? Or she just could ask them to lower their voice since they must be bored if they keep shut?
Still, I don't know how long they've been together today and how bad she handle her patient all day.

06.00 PM
Wednesday. It's a weekday. I'm taking commuter line train and I know it must be full since it's already passed work hour. As I get in the train, I hear someone snoozing. A little loud actually. If this is the first time I use commuter line train around this hour, I may get annoyed and will grumbling myself. But I'm not. And looking her sweating in cool temperature, her glasses slipped to her mouth almost fall, I guess she just really tired. After some stations, thank God, I can sit. I'm sitting near the woman. Sitting beside me, a younger woman wearing work outfit look. She is recording the snoozing woman beside her. An Instagram video. I cannot understand what is younger woman's purpose. What making me angrier is, she's adding monkey-face emoji right on snoozing woman's face. I really want to ask the younger woman, is she knows the snoozing woman? Is she knows how hard the snoozing woman has been through today? Is she know how hurt the snoozing woman to breath since she is big size, so that is why she snoozes to let her breath?
Then again, I don't know how hard the younger woman's work today too. I don't know how long she handle her patience to not get annoyed with the snooze sound.

07.00 PM
I'm waiting a campus bus on shelter. Wondering is life this cruel, or am I just being too sensitive? Thinking that we can get married and live with unexpected not long lasting romance. We can have a family member who hard to say a good words. We can meet someone who is making any one else as a joke. Why is people not living and treat another like they want to be treated?

After all, there's always a person who keep wonder alone in their thought, making some negative thought and perception, conclude everything she saw with know nothing. Keep shut instead help. Too much thinking instead do what she thinks might be better.

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