Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Skenario Dunia

Skenario terhampar
Adegan terlepas-lepas
Silakan kepada aku, kamu, dan mereka
Mencoba, gagal,
Mencoba, gagal,
Mencoba, keliru.
Hingga menang pada porsinya
Naskah asli jadi satu

Percaya saja

Mulai dari setiap pagi,
Dan setiap kata "nanti"
We could write dream,
bucket list,
vision & mission.
Details to every sentences, as we put hopes within the dancing pen between the lines of the planner. Ready to check the lists, soon as possible.

//But whatever will be, will be//

Bad thing comes,
once or twice, unexpectedly. 
You might think,
"It's okay. It was all coincidences"
Sorry to say, but it's not. Things happen with reasons. There is no such a coincidence.
Sometimes we have to uncheck the list, just because it never been ours.
And it's okay to change the plan. Not because we give up, but we forgive ourself to let it go.

As a reminder;
what we do is make a plan, 
not to make it happen. 

We try but the result is not on us.
So, it's never wrong to make a new beginning, because we will always find a new chance in next morning.
Find every chances,
Until we find what belong to us.

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